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A Dangerous Driver – An Egotist’s Journey

Cedric B Johnson, Ph.D and Kristine MacKain, Ph.D The car in front of you is wandering from lane to lane, braking unpredictably. A warning signal goes off in your head: “Back off–this person is dangerous.”  We also encounter “dangerous drivers” … Continue reading

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Choose Empathy

Are some people more wired to be empathic than others? If empathy is an ability to imagine oneself in another’s place and understand the other’s feelings, desires, ideas, and actions, then what’s the scoop on who can become more empathic? In … Continue reading

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The Struggle Between the Ego and the Soul

There are two very different and competing voices—that of the ego and that of the soul—that live in constant conflict within us. We are socialized in our culture to be ego-driven; that is, to operate from a position of exclusive … Continue reading

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The Boss Everyone Wants

Students sometimes choose a university because of a particular professor. Employees stay in a job because of a boss. Recently a heavily recruited IT professional told his boss that he chose to stay in his current company because that boss … Continue reading

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An Inspirational Leader

What does it take to be an inspirational leader? A few weeks ago I heard a CEO speak to his senior leaders. He was not the most dynamic speaker I’ve heard but he had three things that touched an inspirational … Continue reading

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